Pent Sheds

Our Pent Sheds are different from our Apex and HiPex sheds, in that they have a flat sloping roof. Having one side of the roof slightly lower than the other enables rainwater to drain off the shed, ideal for customers who want to position their shed next to the house as the rainwater will run off the back of the shed and away from the house.

Our Pent sheds are fully tongue and groove meaning they are made from smooth, planed boards that are interlocking which offers great protection from the elements, ensuring that the contents of your shed remain dry whatever the weather.

All of our sheds are also 100% pressure treated and maintenance-free against rot and insect infestation. Protective treatment that prolongs the life of the wood is blasted into the timber before it’s stacked and left to dry. This provides longer-lasting protection than dip treating the timber alone meaning no more treatment required for wood rot year after year.

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Price List

4ft 6ft 8ft 10ft 12ft
4ft £392 £538 £634 £726 £955
6ft £538 £567 £726 £826
8ft £634 £726
10ft £726 £826
12ft £955 £1062
14ft £1046 £1244
16ft £1228 £13441
18ft £1382 £1508
20ft £1536 £1693
22ft £1689 £1862

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