This is a recent project we completed a while ago. The customer wanted their summerhouse to fit smoothly with their lawn line. This was not a problem because everything is made by hand at our warehouse in bootle, except LV log cabins which are imported from Lithuania.

The building is made out of cedar wood tongue and groove cladding, that had been 100% pressure treated. The cladding is layered on to a 3″x2″ heavy duty pressure treated framework. The roof was kept as a rectangle which helped create a nice canopy effect from the over hang. The felt used was our premium torch on felt. We point blank refuse to use poor quality timber like chipboard or ply for structural integrity as they are simply going to be a problem later on down the road. That is why we use tongue and groove boards even in the floor and roof. The doors and windows are joinery finished product. This project was a very difficult design due to the shape but we didn’t let that stop us from offering one of the highest quality garden rooms on the market. 

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