10 x 8 Pent Workshop

This 10 x 8 Pent Workshop was recently installed in London by our team last week. This was made for an elderly women who needed a bit more room in her house for a beloved pup she was soon to own as well as enhancing the look of the garden.

Description of building.

This building is our workshop range and consists of 22mm tongue and groove cladding, 3in x 2in strong framework, a timber double door with galvanised hinges and pad bolt, a patterned double glazed window and a 40k heavy duty felted roof. All is 100% pressure treated and tanalised. This building is very close to our standard workshop model the only difference being the patterned double glazed window which was specifically asked for by the customer to allow a little more privacy in the building.

Knowing what building is best for you.

Our team is very willing to help you find a building that is best suited for you, your needs and to suit the unique shape of your garden. With our variety of different buildings there is bound to be one to suit your criteria. The majority of our work is completely bespoke meaning we will be able to satisfy your requirements to a high standard and at a reasonable price. We offer a long range of different doors, timber, windows and roofing material. This ranges from joinery to PVC, felt to shingles and from norwegian pine to cedar wood. This will give your building a unique touch which makes it different from the standard shed.

Placing an order with us.

If you are looking for a shed and are interested in placing a order with us just contact us on sales@churchillsheds.co.uk. All we require to get you booked in with a delivery date is a 50% deposit your name and your details. Any questions we are here to help.